Degradation and preservation of artefacts in synthetic plastics


In a previous book the most relevant aspects concerning the chemistry of degradation and conservation of plastic artefacts of pre-sinthetics "era" that is based on natural or artifical polymers were reviewed.
In particular the main internal and external factors generating damages and the most important mechanism leading to the deterioration, together with prevention and protection measures, were analysed.
In that book the following families of plastics were taken into consideration:
• Plastics based on natural pre-formed polymers with protein strucutre (horn and hoof, bois durci and casein);
• Plastics deriving from natural low molecular mass molecules thatfollowing process transform in macromolecules (i. e. Shellac);
• Ebonite (hand rubber) and soft-rubbers obtained from transformation of natural rubber;
• Plastics derivatives from chemical alteration of natural cellulose (celluloid, cellulose acetate).

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